Constructed by prince saliya in 140, A.D.  Thereafter, during the period of 1955 to 1957, this tank was re-constructed by the Irrigation Department and then Mr. C.P. de Silva was the Hon’ble Minister of Irrigation and Mr. A.E.C de S. Gunasekara was the Director of Irrigation Department. Capacity-

square feet’s            – 32500

Capacity- left bank    – 1050                              

              Right bank – 1614                                                     


      This reservoir supplies water for  over 800 of families and the distribution of areas of was has been  divided in to  two parts as Left  and Right banks. Fragment of left bank has 1053 acres and right bank has 1611 acres. The total of floor area is 2664 acres and including the areas in  which non-permitted water supply there are about3500 acres. The Mahavilachchiya Reservoir is supporting to animals, farmers and fishery peoples for their day-to-day activities. There are seven farmers’ clubs in left bank and right bank. In these two banks, left bank has four farmers’ clubs and right bank has three farmers’ clubs. Left bank farmers’ clubs are Kavanthissa, Gamini, Saliyamala and Wijaya and Right bank farmers’ clubs are Perakum, Gemunu and Mahasen. The irrigation system has two brooks for left bank and right bank. Brook in Left bank long  5kms and right bank brook long  13.5kms. The water level must become 22 feet in left sluice and right sluice must be 17 feet for spill over this pond.  

     Mahavilachchiya tank Sathara Maha Devalaya made in 2004.the mahavilachchiya civilians celebrate offering milk rice and observing gods in each year. They  do it before August. That is the  rule which  comes from generation to generation. They  expect water and their healthy making this celebration every year. This celebration comes before this tank was built in 2004. Many civilians participate in this celebration and as well as the villagers,  government institutes, private companies, farmers and all the sub villages.  This was reconstructed in 1977-1983.it has not been reconstructed after 1983.The bunt of a canal is damage in the two brooks. So we can’t take water for paddy-fields and we can’t manage it. The water is go away and spill over those brooks. The cultivative areas can be protected if this brooks will be re-construct in future. 

Spills over water . . .

(Fishery Club) 

 Started : 1992

Registration No: 978

Time Duration: 5.00 a.m to 9.00 a.m                                           

                      2.00    p.m to 6.00 p.m

Using nets: bigger that 3 2/1

Fishery income per month: 45000kg

Common fishes : Thilapiya, Catla, Rohu, Normal Kapaya

Approved number of boats: 100

Chairman in Fishery Club: J.A Asanka Rupasinghe

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